Thermo Orion™ AquaMate 7000 Vis Spectrophotometer



Thermo Orion™ AquaMate 7000 Spectrophotometer

Choose the accuracy, dependability and ease of use of the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AquaMate 7000 Vis Spectrophotometer to optimize your water and wastewater testing. This dependable lab spectrophotometer includes 260 preprogrammed methods for ion concentration from absorbance or create custom methods using the standard curve function so virtually any brand of colorimetric reagent can be used. Utilize 325-1100 nm selectable wavelengths, 5 nm spectral bandwidth and vial size flexibility with the included 3-position carousel to hold 13-24 mm round, 10 mm square and 20-50 mm rectangular vials.


    • Methods on USB memory stick
    • Three-position cell holder
    • User documentation
    • Dust cover
    • USB cable
    • 110V, 220V and 240V power cords

Pre-programmed Methods

More than 260 preprogrammed methods offers easy and convenient measurements using Orion AQUAfast™, Merck™ or CHEMetrics™ chemistries
Preprogrammed methods can also be adapted for new chemistries or operators can create their own custom methods and calibration curves
Instruments allow a one-point adjustment on any preprogrammed method to correct for variations in batch reagent chemistries


Wide variety of vials sizes can be used, including 10mm square vials, 20 and 50mm rectangular vials and an adjustable round vial holder that accommodates 13, 16, and 24mm round vials. Three USB connections provide the options to store methods and data to a USB memory stick, transfer data to a computer and print hard copy data to an external printer. System is compatible with ink jet and laser printers with HP PCL 5 or greater


Performance verification tests ensure wavelength accuracy and instrument functionality. Each verification report gives the time, date and instrument serial number in accordance with GLP and GMP. Built-in wavelength accuracy test is compatible with either the internal lamp or external calibrated standards. Built-in test methods for stray light, noise and resolution are available to validate instrument performance further.


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