SHEL LAB Large Capacity Reach-In Laboratory Incubator



Optimized Floor Space

The Large Capacity incubators provide 30.8 & 38.6 cu.ft. chamber capacities while minimizing the amount of floor space used. Both models incorporate our microprocessor controller to achieve precise temperature uniformity. An independent, secondary temperature controller offers the added security of over temperature protection. The chamber floors are reinforced to support roller apparatus or shakers. Both models are supplied with six shelves capable of supporting the weight of benchtop instruments. 


    • Hematological Studies
    • Microbiological Determinations
    • Pharmaceutical Stability Assays
    • General Purpose Incubator Applications
    • Large Scale Roller Apparatus Applications
    • Bacterial Culturing and Research
    • Food Processing Quality Control
    • Biochemical Studies


    • Four (4) Interior Electrical Outlets
    • Prewired Panel for Chart Recorder
    • Tempered Glass Viewing Window
    • FeaturesPrecise Temperature Control – Superior Uniformity
    • Independent Over Temperature Thermostat
    • Over Temperature Alarm
    • Temperature Uniformity +/-0.8°C at 37°C
    • Temperature Range Ambient +8ºC to 70ºC
    • TWO Year Limited Warranty


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