Young Professionals Board

Our Young Professionals Board (YPB) was created to promote awareness of Bering Omega’s health and social programs, fundraise through networking events  and to strengthen community and corporate partnerships throughout the city.  This group brings together philanthropy and fun through annual events like AIDS Walk Houston, The Toga Party, and Bingo!

We believe in fostering an environment where the next generation of civic leaders flourish through service.  We’re always looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join the YPB. For more information, please download an application located in the sidebar and contact Drew Case, 713-341-3763..

2014 Young Professionals Board Chairs

Liz Gorman, Chair

Sarah Walters, Chair


2014 Young Professionals Board Members

Paul Pettie

Heather Yanak

Justin Conception

Jeremy Fain

Liz Gorman

Lindsey Moreno

Jerry Guerrero

Sarah Walters

Lynnette Montgomery

Maneesh Singal

Shelly Tarpley