Omega House Volunteer Opportunities

When Omega House originally opened its doors in 1986, the hospice was run entirely by volunteers: nurses, caregivers, and doctors donated their time, energy, and hearts to ensure that those living through the last stages of HIV/AIDS had a comfortable and safe place to die in peace.  While we now have paid staff members at Omega House (and at all of our programs), volunteers still provide the backbone of patient care at the hospice.  Volunteers assist our shift nurse and nurse’s aid in direct resident care, cooking, and housekeeping, which allows Omega House to provide each of its eight residents with unique and specialized care, as well as dignity.

Opportunities at our Residential Hospice, Omega House, include:

  • Resident Care
    • Help with Support Care and assist with the of the clients – oral hygiene, bedside care, etc.
    • Play games, watch TV, read to, and be a companion for the clients
    • Requires additional training
  • Support Care
    • Help with the washing, cooking, cleaning and “be there” for the clients
    • Requires additional training
  • Cooking
    • Cook or bring a meal for the clients at Omega House
  • Gardening
    • Help with tending to the garden at Omega House
    • No experience necessary; our master gardener will teach you.

Volunteer Spotlight: Heather Tarpley, Omega House


Heather’s connection to the AIDS crisis is one that her and her siblings remember all to well. After her mother suffered from a variety of health problems throughout the years of her life, her family later discovered a new diagnosis that presented its own challenges: an HIV positive status. Not long after learning of this diagnosis, Heather’s mother was in dire need of dental work. Heather learned of the services provided by our Dental Care Program and decided to bring her mother there. Though the dental clinic was of great assistance to their mother, a later diagnosis of metastatic melanoma that quickly spread to her lungs, liver, and skull bone meant that Heather’s mother would need much more care than any chemotherapy could provide. After a long battle with chronic health problems, their mother moved into Omega House. Upon moving into Omega House, their mother passed away only a week after moving into the hospice center. “Even though she didn’t spend much time there, we always felt that Omega House brought the peace our Mother needed so that she could move on”.  After a long connection with Bering Omega, Heather knew that this was a place she could volunteer on a long-term basis. “I had been searching for volunteer opportunities, but lacked an emotional connection to some of the places I had tried in the past”. Heather now volunteers at Omega House every other Sunday doing whatever she can to help out. Whether she is cooking meals, talking with patients, or providing care to the patients, Heather provides an immeasurable amount of support to Omega House, just as Omega House supported her mother in her final days.

To volunteer at Omega House, please contact Oscar Perez at or 832-435-0692.


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