Day Treatment Program Volunteer Opportunities

The Day Treatment Program serves as so much more than an activity center; this program is able to provide our clients with nursing assistance, food to fill their pantries, as well as meaningful activities that not only occupy the clients’ time, but allow them to more fully develop their cognitive functions and motor skills.  Just as our clients do more than play board games all day, so do our volunteers.  Whether it’s leading an activity, supervising a field trip, serving our clients’ meals, or just listening, our day treatment program volunteers are providing an invaluable service to our clients by helping to create a safe and loving environment for healthy socialization, and assisting our clients in combating feelings of isolation and depression.

Opportunities within our day treatment center include:

  • Client Socialization
    • Talk, listen and play games
  • Art/Activities
    • Facilitate an art activity or project with the client
  • Field Trips
    • Assist staff with clients on a field trip
  • Kitchen Assistance
    • Help serve food and wash pots and pans

To volunteer at our Day Treatment Program, please contact Oscar Perez at or 832-435-0692.


Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa and Sandra, Day Treatment Volunteers

daytreatment_teresa and sandraSt. Thomas students Teresa and Sandra had been searching for a new place to spend their time volunteering. When attending a volunteer fair at their University, they came across Bering Omega Community Services’ table.  Both girls had close friends who had been affected by the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS that is often falsely attributed with the LGBT community, and were looking for a way to combat that stigma.  Teresa recalls, “after seeing some of my friends deal with that stigma, we knew that Bering Omega was a perfect fit”. Teresa and Sandra began volunteering at the Day Treatment Program in January and have continued to devote their time once every week. To this day, Sandra still remembers her first experience with one of her favorite clients. “We were coloring pictures, and I could really see that [the client] was enjoying my company. It was that moment that the image of what we were doing really came through to me”. Both Teresa and Sandra not only enjoy spending time with the clients, but also frequently help the staff organize special events and field trips for the clients. One of Sandra’s favorite events to plan was this years’ Fourth of July celebration. “It was very special to begin planning this event for the clients and then get to see it come together”. With two years left in college, both Teresa and Sandra plan to continue to bring their talents and cheer to the staff and clients of Bering Omega.

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