Omega House

Omega House, Bering Omega’s residential hospice, is a safe and loving home environment where people in the late stages of HIV/AIDS can live their final days with dignity and peace.  Our eight bed facility offers hospice services which include palliative medical care (symptom and pain management), as well as psychosocial and bereavement services for our residents and their loved ones.  Ongoing medical/nursing care is offered, along with emotional support, and assistance with daily activities.  Our hospice offers social interaction with housemates and volunteers, as well as recreational activities.

“John had been homeless and would not remove his sneakers, in case he needed to make a hasty retreat… Then one day, a volunteer noticed him napping in his room… barefoot.  He was home.”

Omega House Front DoorTake for example, John.  John lived on the streets, and he was alone and dying of AIDS.  Instead of stepping over him, we reached down and took his dirty, trembling hands in ours and offered him respite at Omega House.  In John, we discovered a man driven by pure primal instinct – awkward, even socially inappropriate – yet there was something that drew our volunteers to him.  Amidst the crumbs on the floor and in his bed, amidst the smell of someone who refused to shower for four days, lay a sweet man with a tender heart, who would not take off his sneakers – just in case he needed to make a hasty retreat.  Our volunteers were determined to make John feel at home.  Frequent trips were made to his room; coffee, soda, cake, nutritious meals, were brought to John, delivered with a smile, warm words, and a hug. Gradually, he opened up to our volunteers and talked of his past and his fears.  Then one day, a volunteer noticed John napping in his room… barefoot.  He was home.