Housing Assistance

The Housing Assistance Program at Bering Omega works to prevent homelessness and to help people living with HIV/AIDS in Houston and the surrounding area to obtain permanent and stable housing by providing short term rent, mortgage and utility assistance. 

The Housing Assistance Program provides a comprehensive approach to responding to financial difficulties – an approach tailored to each individual applicant.

We provide financial planning which encompasses developing a budget, strategizing ways to reach housing goals and moving the client toward housing stability.  Additionally, we provide referrals for case management, medical issues, food and clothing, childcare, counseling and employment.

The philosophy of this program is centered on the idea of empowerment.  This program seeks, through budget counseling, financial planning, payment of applicable bills, and our Day Treatment services to empower persons living with HIV to become actively involved in their well-being.  This program encourages clients to regain control of the financial aspects of their lives, to be pro-active in planning for their financial future, and to receive necessary life skills training which will lead to obtaining and maintaining stable housing.

Bering Omega Community Services Aids to a New Start

When Betty came to our Housing Assistance Program, she was 18 years old, eight months pregnant and depressed because she had no family support and had just lost her job – her only source of income.  She was days away from eviction and homelessness.  We were able to help her keep her apartment.  She delivered a healthy baby boy and has returned to school to prepare for her GED exam. She is also receiving job training and daycare services from another local agency as she works to build a new life for herself and her infant son.