Oral Health Program

Bering Omega’s Dental Clinic offers a full range of oral and dental health care services to those living with HIV/AIDS in the Southeast Texas region. For those with suppressed immune systems due to HIV/AIDS, proper dental care is of the utmost importance.  HIV-positive individuals can often suffer severe consequences from untreated infections that do not occur among people with healthy immune systems, many of which can ultimately be fatal if left untreated.

Severe oral pain or tooth loss can also prevent clients from eating properly which is essential to maintain their health and to be able to adhere to their medication regimens. Many times people overlook the fact that tooth loss prevents a significant number of our patients from securing employment, and since many of our clients live at or below the poverty level, employment is crucial to support not only themselves but their families as well.

Services offered at our dental clinic include:

  • Basic Oral Hygiene
  • General Dentistry
  • Oral Medicine/Oral Pathology (treatment of oral warts, lesions, tumors, etc.)
  • Prosthodontics (tooth replacement: crowns, bridges and dentures)
  • Periodontics (treatment of gum disease)
  • Endodontics (root canal therapy)
  • Oral Surgery
Client Benefits from Staff Going the Extra Mile

A Spanish-only-speaking male in his mid-twenties presented at the clinic for a new client intake.  He seemed very nervous as he sat down for the initial interview. He slowly began to tell the staff member that he had only just been diagnosed with HIV within the last couple of months and was told by the hospital that diagnosed him he only had six months to a year to live.  But when he had labs completed at Thomas Street Clinic, he was told his viral load was undetectable. He was confused and scared.  He asked the staff member if HIV was still a death sentence.  She sat with him while he teared-up and listened to all his fears.  She then explained how individuals were living longer lives now with HIV.  She stressed the importance of taking his medications and seeing the doctor regularly. She referred him back to his doctor to have more questions answered, but he was so thankful that she took that time to sit with him and listen.  The answers helped alleviate many of his fears.  He gave her a big hug before he left and thanked her again.

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