29 Sep 2015
September 29, 2015

How to Stay Positive

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When you’re struggling with a long term sickness it’s hard to always stay positive about your treatment and options. A positive mind can make a world of difference to how you feel so taking time to reset your mind set should be a part of your day.

For people with an illness like HIV and AIDS it’s not always helpful to hear your family members trying to force a better attitude on you. It can even make you feel worse as you feel that you should be happier than you are but the reality of the situation isn’t allowing you to. When this occurs you should communicate to your family how it’s making you feel at this time and that you understand that they’re coming from a place of caring. You should also acknowledge that it’s ok for you to feel down sometimes as long as you don’t dwell on it and work out how you’re going to make yourself feel better.

Make sure that you eat well every day as skipping meals or being unmotivated to eat will only make you feel worse in the long run. Use the internet to find new recipes that excite you and appeal to you as these will be more fun to prepare. You can also splash out on a nice dinner every now and again to keep your strength up and enjoy your food again.

Taking more time over your appearance will also make you feel more like your old self so treat yourself to a haircut or new clothes every now and again. This will boost your self-confidence and help you chase off any feelings of depression so you can start to feel more positive.

Keeping everything in perspective will also help you avoid a meltdown and stop those molehills from turning into mountains. As negative things start to stack up even the tiniest inconvenience or struggle can seem insurmountable but taking the time to evaluate how small it really is will get you right back on track.

Having a support network of close friends will also help you immensely as they can perk you up and keep you motivated to stay that way. Even if you initially don’t want to socialise you should try to bear in mind that it will improve your mind set in the long term. Make sure that your friends know that you need them to be there for you during this time and that you appreciate them when they do so.

Finally, taking up a new hobby can help you clear away the cobwebs. This can be anything from dancing to bingo, which you can play without paying with a free no deposit bingo bonus. You’ll find yourself looking forward to learning more about your new activity and becoming more proficient at it. It will also motivate you to interact and educate yourself, which will in turn also make you feel less stagnant.

All of these tips can assist you in feeling and doing better as you fight illness and work hard to become your old self.