Bering Omega Community Services is pleased to announce we are in the final stages of merging with Houston Area Community Services (HACS), a leading provider of community health and social support services in the Houston area, whose mission and history are strikingly complementary to Bering Omega’s. The organizations are now operating jointly. The merger means we are expanding our current community footprint from two sites to five. We are enhancing and modernizing all of our core client services. And we adding a full roster of crucial new services.

Both Bering Omega and HACS have always had a cornerstone commitment to serving those with HIV/AIDS, and that continues. Bering Omega’s dental clinic, housing-related services and “adult day care” program will combine with HACS’ primary medical care, pharmacy, behavioral health services, case management and its own well-established housing-related services. HIV prevention programs—a first for Bering Omega—will include free HIV counseling, testing and referral options. There will also be special programs for teens. Omega House will continue the hospice and respite work that has endeared it to our community for decades, a touchstone of compassion and love.

Our programs will evolve to meet new social needs and healthcare challenges in Houston, but HIV/AIDS will remain an important area of focus. It’s our history, and our future.

Bering Omega and HACS are combining oversight boards, administrations, grants, networks of volunteers, and generous philanthropic supporters to achieve greater efficiencies—and provide more services to more people. Current clients and patients will not have any service disruption in meantime.

Final details, such as the newly merged organization’s name, are still taking shape and will be announced as early as possible, probably by summertime. We look forward to serving Houston in ever bigger and better ways.