Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Any donation can be made in tribute, remembrance or support of a loved one.

Often families who have suffered a recent loss ask that donations be made to Bering Omega in lieu of flowers. Other times, individuals want to remember and celebrate a loved one’s life by making a special contribution in his or her name.

When life milestones such as birthdays, weddings or personal accomplishments occur, asking for donations instead of gifts brings awareness to your favorite cause as well as help those in need within our community.

When my partner of 27 years died this past April we set up Bering Omega Community Services as one of the preferred charities that individuals could donate to.

Besides being a neighbor to us, our connection to Bering Omega Community Services goes back to when we returned to Houston 10 years ago. My partner developed an excruciating and extremely serious oral disease and Bering Omega was the only place in the city that knew how to treat his condition. Without Bering Omega and Dr. Mark Nichols, he might not have made it past that challenge.

My partner never forgot what Bering Omega did for him and donated when he could. In fact a donation envelope was on our dining room table when he died.

While I received many thank you notes from Bering Omega acknowledging the donations received by Bering Omega in memory of my partner I continue to work on friends and family for additional donations in his memory.   In fact, my sister set up Bering Omega as a preferred charity as part of her wedding gift registry and that is exactly where my wedding gift to her and her new husband will go.

I want to personally thank you for all that Bering Omega Community Services does for this community.  It is huge.