The work of Bering Omega Community Services began in 1986 thanks to the tremendous efforts of volunteers from Christ Church Cathedral and Bering Memorial United Methodist Church. The Bering Community Service Foundation and Omega House were established to address the staggering challenges posed by a completely new and frightening epidemic. These agencies were created to provide compassionate care to people living with HIV/AIDS virus and to their loved ones.

In 1986 Eleanor Munger, a retired 76-year-old Montessori school teacher, courageously founded Omega House, a residential hospice, to provide a safe and caring environment for people living through the final stages of HIV/AIDS.

In her words, “Those beautiful people needed a place where they could find peace. I am fortunate I could be part of that!”

Omega House provided a safe haven to terminally ill AIDS patients discharged from the hospital with nowhere to go. With $10,000 in seed money from Christ Church Cathedral, Omega House opened as a four-bed, entirely volunteer-run home for people who could no longer be helped by the traditional medical community, and often had no family or loved ones to care for them in their final days.  Omega House was a pioneering effort and Mrs. Munger paved the way by establishing the first residential hospice in Texas.

During this same time Bering Memorial United Methodist Church was also feeling the negative impact that HIV/AIDS was having on the community as well as its congregation. Holding several funerals a week for those lost to the disease motivated them to action. The Bering Community Services Foundation was their response to some of the most critical problems caused by the epidemic and offered the community a dental clinic solely devoted to patients infected with HIV/AIDS, an adult day care center, and a spiritual support network.

In 1999, the two agencies joined forces to offer a holistic approach to care for those living with HIV/AIDS and formed Bering Omega Community Services. The consolidation of these two well-established and highly respected HIV/AIDS service providers enabled Bering Omega Community Services to offer a wide range of healthcare and social services through a seamless delivery system for indigent, under-served and disenfranchised clients in the greater Houston Area.

Since its inception, Bering Omega has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of our community. Today, there are four core programs available to our clients. They consist of an oral health program, housing assistance program, day treatment program and Omega House, our residential hospice. With these services our goal is to bridge the gaps in care for low income individuals by providing compassionate care in a client-centered environment to as many HIV/AIDS affected people as our size and resources permit.

Today, with the support of countless companies, foundations, churches and individuals as well as through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, we play a critical role in the health and human services system of not only Houston and Southeast Texas, but across the world. We serve 1 out of 4 people reported to have HIV or AIDS in Houston/Harris County and target indigent, uninsured and under served HIV positive individuals and their caregivers who have no other healthcare alternatives.

HIV/AIDS has crossed all preconceived barriers of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other demographic. This epidemic has taken countless lives of friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members. Bering Omega seeks to provide comfort, compassion and general betterment to anyone affected by this disease. Join us in making a difference!

Bering Omega Community Services is an EEOC organization and does not discriminate in consideration of, or access to employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability.

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